Amazon Web Services Targets Startups And Creators With .aws

Website BuildOnAWS

.brand domain names are always exciting! And Amazon Web Services has jumped into the mix with its very own creation. The company has unveiled a new .aws domain.

And is now heavily promoting it at key locations across the country, like the JFK airport.


Amazon has built this new campaign around its AWS cloud solutions, appealing to startups, creators, and builders. A catchy tagline of “Build On” rounds out the branding nicely, pointing people to a new location for information, with the address of

This is how the website looks:

Website BuildOnAWS


The campaign also includes a neat little video that speaks to the new builders of today, whether they are at startups or big businesses, and highlights the advantages of creating their solutions on the AWS cloud platform.

Amazon intends to put this new campaign to good use at billboards, and other display advertising at major airports and train stations across the United States. All these efforts will use this “Build On” call to action.

Overall, an extraordinary effort from Amazon Web Services, in how it has made major changes to its branding and marketing. These can be a bit of a gamble for most companies, and it is no easy feat to get it right, like Amazon has done here.

Not to mention the trust that will be generated by the .aws domain name, and customers will not be deterred by an unfamiliar domain or website address.

Solid A.