Amazon Aurora Migration Handbook

AWS Makes Amazon Aurora Serverless Generally Available

Amazon Aurora Migration Handbook 

Best practices for planning, executing, and troubleshooting database migrations to AWS Aurora.

This white paper outlines the best practices for planning, executing, and troubleshooting database migrations from MySQL-compatible and nonMySQL-compatible database products to Amazon Aurora.

The Amazon Aurora Migration Handbook teaches database administrators how to diagnose and troubleshoot common migration and replication errors.

Migrations are among the most time-consuming tasks handled by database administrators.

Even though it has become easier with managed migration services such as AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), large-scale database migrations still require planning and execution to meet rigorous compatibility and performance requirements.

This paper examines the following major contributors to the success of every database migration project:

  • Factors that justify the migration to Amazon Aurora, such as compatibility, performance, cost, and high availability and durability
  • Best practices for choosing the optimal migration method
  • Best practices for planning and executing a migration
  • Migration troubleshooting hints

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