FileCloud Brings File Server Replication On Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS now has access to an advanced file server replication technology, as CodeLathe has just introduced FileCloud ServerLink, which allows customers the ability to replicate FileCloud sites running on internal file servers to Amazon AWS.

And vice versa.

With the advent of cloud platforms, organizations are more and more distributed than ever before.

Employees work from remote geographical locations, while branch offices for companies and businesses are spread across the globe.  And that’s without even talking about the IT infrastructure being spread across IaaS — on private data centers and public clouds.

As a result, files are being shared and edited around the world, but this collaboration suffers from network latency and uneven levels of performance.

The FileCloud ServerLink technology takes care of these problems, improving productivity for organizations that synchronize files across headquarters and branch offices.

Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe, the parent company of FileCloud talked about this new launch, revealing how it can help organizations replicate their data on Amazon Web Services platform:

“End users can access files and work seamlessly across FileCloud sites, as FileCloud ServerLink takes care of the complexity of replicating and syncing data across multiple FileCloud sites. This offering would be another step towards our mission of giving compelling options that help our customers select the right cloud model for them.”

The technology works both on-premise servers and AWS, enabling hybrid cloud scenarios for organizations that blend their LAN and cloud infrastructures.

This integration also allows for the possibility of serving users from their nearest AWS region, thereby improving performance and reducing latency, while at the same time increasing data redundancy, enabling high availability and disaster recovery.

And finally, it can also be used for turning AWS into a standby or backup site to prevent data loss.

You can find out more details about FileCloud on its official website here.