AWS Migration Consulting Services

AWS Migration Consultancy

At AWSforBusiness, our AWS migration consulting services are based on our overall consulting philosophy and approach: The most important part of our work is to help clients get answers.

We help our clients get answers to the most critical and fundamental questions that need to be addressed related to AWS migrations. We help you clearly identify, understand, and articulate:

  • WHAT AWS migration is and what it means to your organization in terms of alignment with your strategic and tactical business goals and objectives
  • WHY AWS migration matters and makes sense for your organization
  • WHEN the right time is for your organization to undertake an AWS migration and WHEN the optimal forecast is for beginning and ending your AWS migration effort
  • HOW the AWS migration should be planned, executed, and managed
  • WHO the stakeholders should be starting with, the business sponsor all the way to the tactical deployment teams

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