California Polytechnic State University Migrating To AWS

Amazon Web Services has announced that California Polytechnic State University will be migrating all core applications to AWS in order to offer a best-in-class student experience.

One of the top engineering schools in the nation, Cal Poly was faced with aging IT, and felt the need to expand its infrastructure. The institute chose the cloud, which it believes offers the most functionality, the fastest pace of innovation, and the largest ecosystem of customers and partners.

Not to mention, the most proven operating and security expertise.

AWS will not house all core Cal Poly applications, including the learning management system, payroll, database services, mobile applications, data warehouse, content management service, security applications, student scheduling and advising services, among others.

Jeffrey Armstrong, President, Cal Poly, spoke on this occasion:

“Cal Poly’s motto is ‘Learn by Doing,’ and as an institution focused on technology, what better way to embody that than by transforming our own IT infrastructure and going all-in with the world’s leading cloud provider, AWS? Because AWS offers the broadest and deepest set of functionality and superior performance and security, we’ll be able to leverage the latest and greatest technologies as we innovate on behalf of our students.

We’re also very excited to launch the Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub powered by AWS. As a public institution based in California, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to team with AWS to help other public organizations solve their digital challenges using the power of the cloud.”

With this migration, the university is not only avoiding an $8 to $10 million data center build, it is also estimated to save $3.5 million on its current infrastructure costs over the next three years.

Amazon Web Services, meanwhile, is working with California Polytechnic State University to launch the Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub, which will provide its students with an opportunity to use cloud technology to have an even broader impact on citizens.

This collaboration will help government agencies across California move to the cloud by developing technology solutions designed to address the unique digital transformation challenges public sector agencies face.