How AWS Is Creating Opportunities For DigitalOcean


If there’s one company that has benefited majorly from the ongoing cloud wars, its DigitalOcean. This cloud computing startup based in New York has seen major growth these past couple of years.

Primarily due to the increase in competition between AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine — the three biggest cloud providers on the planet.

DigitalOcean largely caters to small developers that want access to the power of the cloud at highly competitive rates. And it has been able to carve a niche for itself, becoming the second biggest hosting company in the world.

According to the latest insights provided by the company, it is close to reaching its target of generating a total of $175 million in revenues this year, which is substantially more than the $118 million it generated last year, and $77 million in 2015.

Translating to an increase of 48% more revenue in the span of a year.

The company also has more than 400 employees today, notably up from the 209 individuals it had on its payroll back at the end of 2015. All these are signs that DigitalOcean is witnessing immense growth, particularly amongst web developers that use its affordable packages to launch and run their websites.

This success is something that Amazon has also taken note of, as it launched its Lightsail VPS service, and is actively expanding it to more regions to take on this rising threat.

But the way DigitalOcean is experiencing growth, it looks like things are going to get really interesting at this end of the spectrum of the cloud landscape.